Universal Dual USB Car Holster

Universal Dual USB Car Holster
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  • In car holster and dual charger for mobile devices
  • Flexible arm range from 58-85mm
  • Over current protection
  • Power supply: DC 12~36V
  • Output current: DC 5V, 2.1A
  • Power switch for easy on/off


  • Universal Holster holds almost any smartphone
  • Adjustable 360 degree rotation
  • Non-slip padding keeps your smartphone secure in its holster
  • Gives the user 2 usb ports and a cigarette lighter port


Step 1: Unscrew the ring on the back of the cradle, then push the ball firmly into the ring.

Step 2: Snap the cradle onto the ball of the charging unit and tighten the ring.

Step 3: Press the cellphone into the cradle at a 45 degree angle and press the phone into the cradle. 

Step 4: To release your device, pull out of the moveable arm on the cradle.

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